Security management

As a recognized, influential Dutchman you find yourself in a vulnerable position, as well as your relatives. The days that you were able to do you work inconspicuously, are over. Of course, you would like to live as freely and undisturbed as possible. How do you make sure you risk as little as possible and who do you involve?

As a shipping company, you can expand your field of activity. Unfortunately, new transportations hug the East African Coast, which suffer from piracy. How will you handle this?

Discrete and streamlined
Restment organizes the security management in and around your company, organization or individual. We manage security discreetly and streamlined, so that you can continue doing your work. In situations of fear, panic and stress you will discover the put into perspective and calming effects of the experienced and professional approach of our consultants.


“Awareness is our target. We engage in conversation, identify the risks, how to react and what needs attention.”

Willem van der Maaten

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