Security Awareness

There is a car parked every day at the entrance of your organization. Who sees and reports it?

Some employees are careless with locking their offices. Working spaces are not cleared and locked. Who is responsible? Where can this be reported?

Besides taking technical and organisational actions, it is very important that every employee is aware of security risks. Restment has developed training courses to learn people to look at their own behaviour and the behaviour of the surrounding persons. Creating security awareness is the most effective way to avoid security risks. Employees are aware of the risks. They are able to assess risks and authorized to take action upon them.

In addition to the Security Awareness training course, we can help you to develop a protocol on how employees should deal with perceiving and dealing with risks.


“Restment’s training course is a recommendation. If everyone would attend such a training course, there would be more balance in the world.”

Lenard Prins

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