After a good interview with an applicant, he seems to be a useful addition to your staff base. Is the applicant who he says he is or is his story too good to be true? Are there any ambiguities in his employment record or regarding his degrees?

Awareness and implementation
Security generally gets sufficient attention within companies and organizations. Proper hinges and locks, camera systems, protocols etc. However, man often turns out to be the weakest link in the chain of security and integrity.

In the end, your employee’s behaviour is determining how safe and/or integer your organization really is. ‘Wrongful behaviour’ of an employee can also be the result of the culture within an organization. This is another reason to screen your new employees in advance.

We perform various screenings:
– Pre- and in employment screening
– Screening of legal persons

A screening can be performed at different levels. This depends for example on the risks connected to the position. In consultation with you we deliver tailor-made service.

Screening is the reducing of risks and preventing of problems.


“Integrity is the basis of credible entrepreneurship.”

Sjaak Verboom

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