Schools form an important basis for the well-being and future of our youth.

However, the press reports about incidents at schools more and more often. Cyber threats, destructions, fraud, (sexual) violence, radicalization and feelings of unsafety are themes that appear at schools on a regular basis.

‘Safety at school’ is since 2015 well embedded in education legislation. Since school year 2016/2017 the Education Inspectorate pays extra attention to social security at school. The urgency for a clear school safety policy is therefore larger than ever.

Obligation vs ambition
How does your school design the school safety policy? Are you being led by the imposed legal obligation or do you dare to set out this theme from your profession, motivation and ambition?

V&I Education
The challenge is to combine the open and accessible character of a school with a clear approach of the safety theme, without these principles excluding each other.

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Safe School

“Our passion… a safe school, always and for everyone! For pupil or student, concierge or board member, parent or visitor.”

Wico Verbaan

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