About us

Well considered | Involved | Tactful | Communicative | Confidential | Adequate | Flexible | Emphatic | Comprehensible | Reassuring | Experienced | Creative | Crisis-proof | Clear | Put cases into perspective | Vigorous | Reliable | Decisive

Restment is unique. Unique because of its composition of skilled people with years of experience in industry, at the police/judicial authorities and in the field of security. Unique because of its composition of various services, where all varieties are among the possibilities. Unique because of its subtle approach: involved and adequate, discreet but very effective. And unique because of the combination of experience, understanding and professionalism, therefore we are able to manage every challenge within our field of expertise.

Rest’ment, o. (‘s) Old English: act out of restment, a well-considered act. Whatever you do, act out of restment.