Mental resilience

“Our employees are often exposed to aggressiveness. What are the possibilities for a training course against aggression for me and my employees?”


Aggression against employees and officials becomes more common. In 2012, the national campaign “Hands off our aid workers” (“Handen af van onze hulpverleners”) was launched. To stop aggression against employees, Restment provides training courses against aggression for you and your employees. Restment Education is a national expert in the area of tailor-made training courses and workshops against aggression, in which your employees are central.

During the tailor-made training, we will assess together with your employees:

  • Where aggression takes place;
  • In which situations this happens;
  • Where and what the bottlenecks are;
  • How aggression-related situations can be (or could have been) avoided.

(Nederlands) Wapenen

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