A minor difference of opinion with your neighbour about the right of way has escalated.

An employee gets injured during work at your company. He handles equipment he is not authorized to and it turned bad. He claims a significant compensation. Will you let the case come to court, or will you first try to solve the matter together?

You and your business partner decide, after many years of cooperation, to both go your own way. This leads to serious financial and emotional consequences and the tension increases. How can you bring this to a successful conclusion?

Making the difference
If the stability and continuity of your organization are threatened by miscommunication, cultural differences or, for example, a lack of mutual trust, our employees make the difference. An objective approach with serious attention works well. Transparency, clarity and clearness, whereby the initiative lays as much as possible with the persons concerned, often creates enough space for an adequate and structural solution for all parties.


“When undesirable incidents happen in a company or organization, or if there is something wrong structurally, we keep investigating until we have found the cause. Very often the problem is based on miscommunication or a cultural difference. If the problem has been identified, the solution is nearby.”

Lenard Prins

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