According to your accountant, there are some errors in your financial administration. What, and in particular who is the cause and how can you have this investigated as discrete as possible without your organization having to suffer from it?

A person entrusted to your care, is missing personal belongings. Is your organization less well secured than you expected or are there other issues?

Adequate approach
You bring in Restment if you are looking for the facts. Our investigation and advice services in the field of private and criminal law consist of (digital) research, consultations of sources, observations and interviews. Based on the gathered facts, our consultants can provide you with information in a professional way and, if needed, advise you accordingly.


“Our approach is to experience the culture within a company as soon as possible and identify the basis of a certain situation. By quickly revealing essential information, our experienced consultants can act adequatly.”


Willem van der Maaten

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