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Extortion and blackmail are very sensitive issues, in need of much discretion. In recent years there has been a vast increase in the number of persons who are being extorted or blackmailed, both in corporate and private life. Victims rarely report this to the police, out of fear the threat will be followed through.

A quick response is required to breach the thread and to prevent escalation of these criminal activities.

Restment has been active for many years as response team for insurance companies and has a broad experience in solving extortion and blackmailing. In a short amount of time we will stop the threat completely. Through our working method we are able to keep the victim out of sight of the offender(s). In addition, the caused damaged will be recovered from the offender via private or criminal law.

Never give in to extortion or blackmailing!
You can contact Restment via our emergency phone number 088- 011 88 22 (24/7). This contact is non-binding. Your request will be handled with utmost discretion.


“An extortionist or blackmailer will, as long as you pay or give in to his demands otherwise, never stop. He will always continue to extort or blackmail you for the same reason.”

Lenard Prins

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