First Aid and CPR

Each week, 300 people get a cardiac arrest outside the hospital. Resuscitation by bystanders doubles the chance of surviving. Learn to resuscitate and the use of an AED during our Reanimation & AED course. You will practice the resuscitation skills (controlling the consciousness/breathing, mouth-to-mouth and heart massage) on a CPR dummy.

Also for all other first aid courses
All successfully concluded courses will be followed by a proof of participation or the official Red Cross certificate.

First aid courses of the Red Cross can be reimbursed up to 100% by the insurance companies because they realize the importance of prevention – prevention is better than cure. The reimbursement depends on the insurance company and what is covered by additional modules.


“At one point, everyone will be in a situation in which you have to give first aid. A first aid course prepares you for that.”

Jakob Knol

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