You suspect a digital break-in into your computer network. What, and in particular who, is the cause? What has been done and how can we control the damage? How are you going to prevent this in the future?

You are damaged by incorrect messages on social media. How can the offender be revealed?

An employee recently has left your company. There are signs that your customers are being approached. Is there an internal leakage or has your former employee copied the entire customer base?

Digital evidence
Cybercrime entails criminal activities whereby ICT and/or the internet is used. Our method is focused on ending these activities as quickly as possible, secure evidence, do thorough research and to report this in a understandable manner. Because of our broad knowledge and experience, the damage can be controled.


“Cybercrime is the fastest growing form of crime. Quick and adequate intervention prevents severe damage.”

Lenard Prins

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