You are on the verge of realising a vast project, which involves a lot of risks. How do you map these risks and how are you going to deal with it?

The competitor has just scored you off with a new product the third time already. Coincidence? What went wrong and how can you prevent corporate espionage in a more effective way?

‘Hotel chain closes down half of its hotels’ is what the hotel chain owner reads in the paper, while he only confidentially shared the option with his business partner. How did this get out?

Sharing thoughts
There are times you would like to have a sparring session with an independent and professional thinker. Someone who can imagine your situation, but who does not lose the overview. Someone who shows you other insights and solutions.

Restment has such thinkers and providers of conceptual input. Sharing thoughts in preparations, in strategy, but above all in solutions.

We are searching for the answer on these and other questions in the field of security, risk management, prevention and training. Our consultants assess, analyse, value and advise. Security Audit, Risk Analysis, an effective risk management plan, or for instance a package of preventive measures: Restment offers tailor-made advice, which smoothly fits your organization or situation.


“Transparency is our credo. We rely on our common sense and point out the issue. We discover that people find this enlightning and value this on all levels.”

Lenard Prins

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